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Cordierite Ceramic Substrates

Cordierite Ceramic Substrates Our ceramic substrates are made from porous cordierite ( 2MgO-Al2O3-5SiO2) , which can be used at temperatures up to 1300íŠ . Our cordierite honeycomb substrate has extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, large geometric surface. It makes our ceramic honeycomb an ideal catalyst support media.

Our cordierite substrates include flow through honeycombs and wall flow honeycomb particulate filters. Flow though honeycomb substrates are used for the applications of catalytic converters. Wall flow honeycomb substrates are used for the filtration of diesel black smoke (particulate matters). Our cordierite honeycomb substrates are made up to 400cpsi cell density which allows high flow rate at low pressure drop. Various standard sizes and customer sizes are available upon the request.

VOC oxidation catalyst

CO and volatile organic compounds (VOC) are the by-products of many industrial production processes. CO is a colorless toxic gas and VOC involves in photochemical reaction which leads to ozone and organic fumes.

TRUNETT VOC oxidation catalyst converts CO and VOC into harmless CO2 and water which greatly improves the life quality and working environment. It is mainly used to remove the harmful emissions emitted from automobile, motorcycle, chemical works, paint factory etc.

TRUNETT EP-Series Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)

Exhaust from diesel engines includes Carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), Nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxide (SOx) and particulate matters (PM, black smoke). The standard TRUNETT EP-Series Diesel Oxidation Catalysts utilizes ceramic monolith substrates. Patented precious metal/base metal catalyst formulation is coated on the ceramic or metallic substrates .

Trunett diesel oxidation catalyst has high efficiency for the removal of CO and hydrocarbons, excellent thermal stability and sulfur tolerance. Emission removal efficiency up to 95% CO, 95% hydrocarbons and 30% PM can be achieved.

TRUNETT PX-Series Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter (CDPF)

High efficiency removal of particulate matters emitted from diesel engine exhaust can be achieved with the use of wall-flow honeycomb filters. TRUNETT PX-Series catalyzed diesel particulate filters utilize porous ceramic soot trap for particulate matter not less than 95% filtration efficiency.

TRUNETT patented coating formulation and process provides excellent removal efficiency of CO and gaseous hydrocarbons, and oxidation of particulate matters with negligible impact on pressure drop across the filter substrate.

Three Way Catalytic

Exhaust emissions from gasoline engine operations are comprised of CO, hydrocarbons (HC) and Nitrogen oxides (NOx). Gasoline engine operation is controlled at vary narrow air/fuel ratio which is close to proper value so the emissions of CO, HC and NOx can be removed simultaneously on three way catalytic converters. TRUNETT three way catalytic converters are based on the proprietary catalyst formulation of precious metal / base metal combination coated on ceramic honeycomb substrates.

TRUNETT three way catalytic converters use low precious metals for low cost and has high removal efficiency of CO, HC and NOx and high stability.

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