Catalyzed Metallic Filter (CMF)


How to remove the DPM emitted from the diesel engine, one option is ultilizing the wall-flow diesel particulate fitlers to achieve >95% soot removal; the other option is using flow-through metallic filter, normally 40~70% soot reduction can be achieved. Comparing to the complicated & expensive CDPF system, it is very obvious for CMF advantages, such as: simple system design, convenient operation, low back pressure, maintenance free, small size and easy installation.

Meanwhile, Trunett proprietary catalyst formulations and coating processes also result in 80~95% CO, HC and Odors reduction for each.

Trunett catalyzed metallic filters are suitable for either OEM and retrofit applications, with high sulfur resistance and long durability.

Trunett provides advice for the design and manufacture of diesel engine exhaust systems.

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