Ceramic substrate

TRUNETT advanced substrate is made from cordierite material and can be used at temperature up to 1300 íŠ.

Because of its nature of crystallization, crystallo-chemical formula cordierite has extremerly low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE);

High specific surface area, low pressure drop, rapid light-off time and reliable & durable performance are achieved through high cell density of 400, 500 and 600 cpsi;

Honeycomb-like structure with thousands of parallel channels forces exhaust gases into the turbulent flow regime resulting in better contact between emission and precious metal, enhanced mass-transfer conditions, and higher conversion efficiency;

All of these make our ceramic honeycomb an ideal catalyst substrate media for oxidation & reduction catalyst;

At present, our typical substrate are available in a variety of sizes with the different shapes, such as: round, elliptical, race track and so on.

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