Catalyzed diesel particulate filter (CDPF)

TRUNETT PX-Series catalyzed diesel particulate filters are the solution for diesel particulate matter control. >95% PM filtration efficiency and low regeneration temperature are achieved through the combination of wall flow type ceramic honeycomb with patented catalyst formulation. In additional of PM reduction, catalyzed diesel particulate filter is also reducing carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon from engine exhaust stream.

Current product offer covers from 2.5 liters (5.66x6") to 25 liters (11.25x15") as a single CDPF which would be perfect solution for diesel engine displacement from 2 to 20 liters.

Key characteristics of TRUNETT catalysts include:

  1. Low pressure drop
  2. Excellent performance
  3. Self-regeneration
  4. Can be applied to on-road and off-road diesel engines
  5. Can be provided in a standard or custom configurations

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