EMS-2000D Emission test system


The EMS-2000D is applied to any concentration & flow rate emission test,and good enough to meet all test requirements of emissions for gasoline engines, diesel engines etc.

EMS-2000D can be able to carry seven (7) analysis units at the most, and test continuously at the same time using the dynamic single-range respectively for CO(L)、CO(H)、CO2、THC、CH4、NO/NOx、O2, meanwhile, the analysis unit, sample unit and control unit have been modular, and can be configued according to the customers¨ requirements. Currently there are many test mothods for options, such as: direct-sampling, CVS-sampling, EGR ratio test and Tracer test etc.


  1. The main test units are supplied from CAI (California Instruments), which are approved by US EPA and CARB;
  2. Low cost for maintenance and training;
  3. High reliability;
  4. Competitive price;
  5. Easy operation;
Applied not only to emissions emitted from gaoline engines, diesel engines, but also from Ethanol fuel engines and other alternative fuel engines.

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